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Management Team


Eric Willma

Eric Willma

General Manager

Eric is the co-founder of Word of Mouth Dentistry. He is responsible for all the marketing, policies and branding of Word of Mouth Dentistry and has helped create the vision of the excellent teamwork, business standards and client care that Word of Mouth Dentistry now enjoys. All staff have been personally recruited, coached and selected by Eric with a philosophy of high spirited professional service. Eric’s professional experience & education comes from a broad, rare & diverse background including High School teaching, Computing, Retail Sales, Bank Management, Management Training, Health Care Practice Management, Business Studies, Philosophy, Politics & many years of non-profit professional and social committee leadership positions.  

Thoughts on Word of Mouth Dentistry

Word of Mouth Dentistry is a team of carefully selected positive high energy people with incredible talents that all love coming to work and making a difference to others. We have achieved incredible things over the past 20 years or so including being the first and only dental practice to ever win the Australian Small Business Champion Award for Professional Services. It is an honour to be associated with our team.

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