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When you enter the doors at Word of Mouth Dentistry® you are always greeted by a warm friendly face at the desk in our welcome lounge. When you enter the Word of Mouth ® welcome lounge you often will be greeted with a refreshing complimentary beverage.


Our welcome lounge is a warm relaxing atmosphere with a huge reef aquarium for your enjoyment, full high definition large plasma display screen, toys and books for children to play with. A unique staff handmade PlayStation 5 Race Car with real Honda Prelude car seats and an Ultra HD 55” display for both children and kids at heart to enjoy realistic racing. Our welcome lounge is filled with the latest magazines, dental information and brochures to allow you to relax and read while maybe listening to some soothing music.

Once you enter our friendly relaxing treatment rooms you will be comforted by our relaxed atmosphere, a selection of ceiling mounted videos for your enjoyment.  Our patients can relax because we are experts in our field with a reputation for making people look forward to enjoying their experience. Comfort for the patient is a priority at Word of Mouth Dentistry®, after you have picked your entertainment, relax in our state of the art dental chairs with a pillow and blanket available on request and allow us to provide a dental experience like no other.


We do all we can to make sure you leave with not only lovely teeth but a beautiful happy smile too! That is why we trademarked the motto “We Make People Smile, That’s What We Do. ®”

Playstation 5, racecar, gaming
Playstation 5, racecar, gaming
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