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Varela Lemus



Tracey Mirarchi



Tracey Mirarchi

Oral Health Therapist

B.O.H (Newcastle) Grad Dip D.T (Dux - Dental Therapy)






Tracey has been working as an Oral Health Therapist for Word of Mouth Dentistry for over 12 years. Prior to joining our team Tracey has worked in all aspects of the dental industry where she began her career as a Dental Assistant and worked as a sales assistant for various dental equipment companies. Tracey has dedicated most of her life to the dental industry for 30 years and decided to become an Oral Health Therapist as it was a natural stepping stone for her knowing nothing else but Dentistry.

Tracey studied her Bachelor of Oral Health at Newcastle University and achieved runner up status to DUX and was also awarded the Australian Dental Association Award for Professionalism. Once qualified Tracey decided to return to University and complete a Graduates Diploma in Dental Therapy where she was awarded DUX.

Tracey decided to continue her clinical training to add Adult Scope of Practice to her qualifications which allows her to perform examinations and restorations on adult patients.

"I love being a Oral Health Therapist as everyday I can help my patients achieve better oral health which in turn can improve their overall health and build self-confidence by improving smiles. I challenge myself everyday to provide the absolute best, pain free treatment possible while having a little fun with my patients to make their appointment enjoyable. I come to work everyday after 12 years and feel like I'm with family!"

Speaking of family, Tracey is married with two beautiful children. In addition, she has a beautiful chocolate Labrador dog called Roxy and a rescue Greyhound called Feyre. Tracey enjoys camping and traveling particularly in the United States, a passion for her late horse of 38 years (she will likely get another family member soon). "I believe that animals should always be a part of any family as it teaches responsibility and love."

Diana Shenouda



Liliana Varela Lemus

Oral Health Therapist

B.Dent. (Uni.Valle Col.) B.O.H (Newcastle) Grad Dip D.T.  





Liliana is highly experienced in dental care having studied dentistry in Colombia over 22 years ago and establishing the Dental Hygiene department of one of the largest health care providers in Australia.


Liliana is caring, motivating, friendly and fantastic with people of all ages.


Liliana is certified in Australia to perform Dental Therapy procedures on people up to the age of 18 years and Dental Hygiene procedures on people of all ages.


Liliana loves to inspire a beautiful smile and takes much pride in her ability to make your whole families teeth sparkle! You are in good hands.

Atefa Said



Atefa Said

Oral Health Therapist

B.O.H (Charles Sturt Uni.)  Cert III (D.A.) Cert IV (Business Mgt.)






Atefa graduated from Charles Sturt University as an Oral Health Therapist in 2014 with a distinction average and received the University Dean's Award two years running in 2013 and 2014 for academic excellence. Atefa also received the 2014 Dental Hygienist Association of Australia Award for demonstrating outstanding skills and commitment to dental hygiene and achieving excellent grades in the Bachelor of Oral Health (Therapy/ Hygiene).

Upon finishing her degree, Atefa further went to develop her skills as a clinician by finishing a graduate year program with Sydney University working in and around Northern Central Tablelands before joining our team in 2016.

At Word of Mouth Dentistry Atefa provides routine dental hygiene treatments for all ages and after completing her Adult Scope of Practice qualification in 2020, she can also perform examinations and restorations on adult patients.

Atefa has experience working in both the public and private sector and her commitment in continued professional development allows her to provide up to date dental treatment for her patients. She often attends courses to broaden her knowledge and techniques.

Before becoming an Oral Health Therapist Atefa was working as a dental assistant for 6 years. During her dental assistant years she noticed that there were shortages in providing preventative dental education and treatment as she would see people coming in for emergency dental treatment that otherwise could have been prevented. Atefa saw an opportunity that she could provide oral health education, treatment and tools for patients in more depth while working as an Oral Health Therapist. This would not only make a difference to the patient’s oral health but hopefully other members of the family as well.

"Being an Oral Health Therapist allows me to work both with adults and children and provide important preventative dental care and education to them. I am able to see the difference clinically dental treatments I provide makes for my patient and their families. I love the fact that I meet new people everyday from diverse backgrounds and professions and get to know them whilst providing education and tools to help them reach their oral health goals.

Coming in for dental treatment sometimes can be very daunting and people can be anxious about it. I think the biggest satisfaction comes from seeing anxious patients who may have hated dental visits become comfortable with their dental appointments. Knowing that I am making a difference,  not just in people's oral health but overall health and quality of life."

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