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Gummy Smile Correction
Gummy Smile
Some people often experience self confidence issues with aesthetic disproportions such as a gummy smile.
This can often be treated with a procedure known as "crown lengthening", which is a surgical procedure that is performed by a dentist or specialist periodontist.
Crown lengthening is used to expose a greater amount of the tooth structure which results in the tooth appearing more proportionate and aesthetically pleasing.
In some cases crown lengthening is required when a tooth needs to be restored with a filling or crown if there is not enough tooth protruding from the gum.
The procedure can often be performed either by laser or by making small incisions that will pull the gum away from the teeth. It is then usually washed and stitched. Often it involves neighbouring teeth to be gradually shaped resulting in increased exposure of the teeth.
Sometimes only removing a little gum tissue will expose enough of the tooth to proceed with restorative treatments. Often in these cases this less invasive procedure can be performed using a special laser resulting in less discomfort, quicker healing time and doesn't require stitches.
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