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Oral cancer currently has a higher mortality rate than cervical cancer in Australia.  It is often the forgotten disease.  Commonly, oral cancer is only detected in the late stages when there is a higher mortality rate. If oral cancer is detected early there is a high 70% survival rate. Traditionally, oral cancer has been associated with tobacco usage as this is one of the main risk factors. In addition to tobacco heavy alcohol consumption, sun exposure to unprotected lips , poor oral hygiene and age are the most common risk factors, however more and more young adults have been affected by oral cancer and do not fit the traditional profile. At Word of Mouth Dentistry® we are dedicated to providing state of the art technology to provide all of our patients with the VELscope and Oral ID screening system.  

We recommend that all our patients have oral cancer screening at your six monthly examination, at Word of Mouth Dentistry® we feel that this is an important part of your six monthly appointment and this service is now included as part of your dental hygiene appointment.

Along with our conventional oral screening examination, which includes visually looking and palpating inside the mouth for suspicious bumps we also use the VELscope or Oral ID , which helps us see beneath the surface to detect potentially dangerous growths that can be missed.

The VELscope and Oral ID examination is safe, quick and pain free, it takes about two minutes and is part of our regular hygiene appointment.

We hope you appreciate the peace-of-mind this screening can provide and our dedication to provide the best.

Oral Cancer Screening
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