invisalign® is a method of orthodontics which does not involve braces at all; instead you wear a series (between 10-30 in total) of clear orthodontic retainers which are made specifically for your teeth. At each appointment you are given 2 or 3 sets of retainers which you wear for two weeks. We see you every 4-6 weeks to ensure the correct fit of the retainers and movement of the teeth. We then give you the next two sets of retainers until all the retainers have been used. These retainers are clear and removable. They are easily removed for cleaning and eating.
We offer complimentary 20 minute appointments to assess suitability for invisalign®.
In some circumstances not everyone is suitable for invisalign® system and may need braces. This traditional technique involves brackets being placed on each tooth, a wire then runs through the brackets and is held in place with special orthodontic elastic bands (ligatures). The ligatures can be white or coloured for a trendy effect. The brackets are usually available in standard metal or ceramic (white) depending on your preference. 
Dr Mark Lu is trained and experienced in applying traditional orthodontics and is more than happy to assess your teeth straightening needs with a complimentary 20 minute initial consultation for that purpose. Should a bracketing system be the preferred or most suitable course of action then either Dr Mark Lu may proceed with a treatment plan and the application of the brackets or it may be decided that a referral to an appropriate Specialist Orthodontist may be necessary or preferred for more complex matters. Either way you should have peace of mind because you have a large professional team available to you at Word of Mouth Dentistry®, and we work well with any of the Specialist Orthodontists that we may refer to throughout your orthodontic treatment while we maintain your oral hygiene and general dental needs.