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Many of us can feel nervous and anxious when it comes to surgery.

Word of Mouth Dentistry® is able to offer an effective, safe way to overcome this fear by offering patients conscious sedation during dental surgery. Sedation provides anxiety relief and pain control during surgery, especially during complex and time consuming procedures.

Intravenous Sedation is administered via an injection, like a General Anaesthetic. The drugs used are given intravenously, usually into a vein on the top of the hand or forearm. You will still require a local anaesthetic to exclude pain. The main drugs used in sedation are Midazolam and Fentanyl. During sedation, the patient's breathing, heart rate, blood pressure, heart rhythms and amount of Oxygen in the blood are monitored carefully and recorded.  This adds to the safety of the procedure. 

The level of sedation still allows for limited verbal response or verbal requests. You may have little or no memory of the procedure whilst under the sedation. 

With the calm and supportive team of Word of Mouth Dentistry®, Dr Briggs aims to provide the highest level of care in a safe environment. “We aim for our patients to feel confident, relaxed and really delighted with the experience and results of the surgery.”

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Painless Injection, pain free dentistry


Unlike normal injections "The Wand" is a computer controlled anesthetic delivery system which gives a supply of the anesthetic at a slow comfortable manner. It is perfect for people scared or nervous about needles and injections. The Wand looks very different to a syringe with a pen like shape. Because of the low pressure and slow rate often patients don't even realise they have had the injection.

You can ask our clinicians for this painless injection option for your next procedure requiring anesthetic. 

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